Complete Powerpole Connectors For All Your DC Power Needs

14th Nov 2017

Powerpole connectors with multiple wire gauges fit in one size molded housing. They are efficiently used in various amateur radio and industrial settings for battery connection to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), DC power distribution, etc. These Powerpole connectors are extremely useful devices that you can purchase for your requirement for DC current distribution.

These powerpole connectors come in one housing size that accommodates three different wire ranges, all rated at 45 Amps. For your different needs, various wire size ranges are available;

1. 15 AMP Powerpole Contacts - indicates a wire range from 16-20 AWG (Avg. Wire gauge)
2. 30 AMP Powerpole Contacts - indicates a wire range from 12-16 AWG
3. 45 AMP Powerpole Contacts - indicates a wire range from 10-14 AWG

The 15 and 30 AMP Powerpole contacts and the 45 AMP Powerpole contacts, are available for $13 and $16 respectively for the ultrasonically-bonded connectors that come in a standard configuration used in most radio applications. Loose piece versions are also available.

General Uses -

- Provide simplified assembly and minimize the no. of components in a genderless housings
- Provide portable sizing and adjustments to connections in stackable modular housings
- Fit in contacts for wire, PCB and busbar applications all into the same housings
- To ensure that the connectors are assembled and mated correctly
- Provide a robust force between the contacts that holds the connector in a mated condition