RIGrunner Features

RIGrunner Features
Models 40xx are conservatively rated at 40 amps total with any outlet good to 40 amps!
The 8012 is conservatively rated at 80 amps total with any outlet good to 40 amps!
Anderson Powerpole® connectors, the best DC connectors!
Our Powerpole® configuration conforms to the ARES, RACES, RSGB standard, and ARRL recommendation for high current 12VDC connectors.
Powerpole® connectors provide interoperability for emergency communications.
Safe secure, HOT CONNECT, polarized, color keyed, genderless connector system.
No messy binding posts, frayed wire connections, black tape or short circuits!
High current! More than enough 12 V power for your station! Pick the appropriate model.
Each outlet may be used at full ratings: transceivers, amplifiers or any accessory.
Precision window comparator quick status power monitor, makes a voltage problem obvious.
LED over and under voltage indicators instantly indicate a problem, without interpretation.
An audio alert is configurable to alarm on overvoltage or under voltage, (both on 4010 & 8012 only) or may be disabled.
Each outlet is individually fused with automotive ATC/ATO fuses. Shipped with appropriate fuses installed.
40xx models can use any output jack as the power input with full ratings.
ATC/ATO auto fuses are easy to get and are available in 10 values from 1 to 40 amps.
Fuses are quick change; accessible from the outside using high quality fuse holders.
Each fuse has a handy blown fuse LED illuminator to show short circuit problems instantly!
RF suppression on each outlet to suppress RF leakage between equipment. Keeps your power supply in regulation.
Commercial quality construction just like our RIGblasters. No Sharp edges, no plastic.
A full array of quick change Powerpole® power supply, extension and adapter cables available.
One full year parts and labor guarantee, you pay only one way shipping, no warranty charges.
Mounting with supplied 3M Bumpon® protective feet, 3M® adhesive pads or screwed down using any #6 or #8 screws.